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Effective Bee Removal Miami

Bees are essential for pollination of plants and are required for allowing these plants to produce the fruits and vegetables and other produce that is required by humans. They exist in hives that they build at places of their convenience and when these are close to human habitation, there is always the fear that the bees can sting and thus become a source of concern.

Removing a bee hive then becomes a matter that requires careful thought and execution. For bee removal Miami it is best that you contact local beekeepers who will have the necessary expertise and all the required protective gear and other tools that will facilitate the removing of the hive that is causing the concern.

If you cannot contact such an expert, or prefer to attempt it yourself, you must first equip yourself with the right protective gear that completely covers all exposed skin, that is often the target of bees when they are disturbed and agitated.You need to cover yourself completely and use a veil or fine net to see through that drapes over your shoulders to prevent bees from entering it. You will need inspecting the bee hive and checking how it is attached to whatever surface it is built on. You also need to have a clear escape route marked out, in case your operation does go wrong. Bees will get agitated when you attempt the removal and will try to sting you and everyone around when they are provoked.

Bee removal Miami has to commence with the use of a bee smoker and fuel pellets that you can buy in any nursery. Attempt the removal on a sunny day, as this is the time the population of bees in the hive will be the lowest, as the majority of them will have gone out for gathering nectar.After you have donned your protective gear and sent everybody else, especially the children away, you can light the pellets in the smoker and wave this all around the hive. It should drive away the remaining bees. Bee removal Miami can also be tried out at night when the bees are not active.

Once the bees have left the hive, you need to scrape out the hive and put it in a carton that has some small holes in it. Any remaining bees will have air to breathe, but may not find it easy to escape from these holes. Wave the smoker around the carton containing the hive. See that you remove all the residue from the hive, otherwise, bees can use this to rebuild the hive. You will need to completely clean that area with soap and water. Close up any holes or gaps that you find on the earlier hive surface, and rub some citronella oil or tree oil on it, as this can act as a deterrent to the bees coming to that spot again.

The hive you have removed must be given to a local bee keeper or placed in a wooded area. You may need to smoke out the remaining bees once again before you do this.